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Community Support for Muslims in Peterborough

The Mosque and it’s members have received many kind and heartwarming messages of support from the community.

We are grateful that the Peterborough community is so gracious and open minded enough to see through the Media bias and hatred that is being spewed by certain individuals on social media. This is why we believe that interfaith work and having our mosque open to everyone is very important.

We stand united with our community and pray for the victims of the Manchester and London attacks and pray for an end to this senseless violence and baseless loss of innocent life.

Please find below some messages of support we have received:


Alison and I were most distressed at the terrorist act perpetrated against Muslims at Finsbury Park mosque.  Jaspal Singh’s words are most appropriate.  The Imam who took control of the situation portrayed Islam at its most compassionate and merciful and he turned an act of violence into one of peaceful reconciliation such as the Prophet (PBUH) would have approved.  Our prayers are with all those who were hurt and injured and with their families.  We pray, too, for the poor elderly gentleman who suffered a heart-attack and died; it will be very hard for his family to live with what happened to him. 
May the Peace, Grace and Blessing of God be with you and yours,
Mostyn and Alison
Shalom Zahid
Just wanted to share 2 items from our Senior Rabbi and the Rabbi of  Kehillah North London, the Liberal Jewish Community   who are close to Finsbury Park Mosque. Both were at the Mosque as faith leaders and at the vigil.
Statement  by Rabbi Danny Rich, Senior Rabbi of Liberal Judaism
‘Londoners, and all Britons, again woke this morning to news of a horrendous attack – this time outside Finsbury Park Mosque.
Terrorism – whether motivated by left or right wing political ideology, by a perversion of Islam or by corrupted British nationalism – is an attack on all decent people.
The thoughts of Liberal Jews are, of course, first with the man who died, his family and all those who have suffered injury and trauma.
But Liberal Judaism also wishes to commend the mosque’s Imam, and his congregation, for assisting the police in calmly apprehending the perpetrator.
As persons of religious faith, we feel a particular empathy with Muslim worshippers and trust that the rest Ramadan will be sweet and inspiring.’
A Prayer for London
By Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu of Kehillah North London
Eternal God, now more than ever do we understand that everyone of us is connected, none of us is alone.
None of us untouched by the suffering in our city, in London. Our ears are filled with the sounds of sirens, our eyes and minds are full of the sight of terrible terrible suffering.
We think of those who lost their lives in Grenfell Tower. They and their families are like us and our grandparents and parents. They came here for a better life and a life of peace.
We think about the terrible wounds, and the terrible deaths of those in Borough Market and London Bridge, and Westminster, and now outside the Finsbury Park Mosque and we search for the courage it takes to carry on. To live with such loss and such pain.
Give us the courage to fight for what is right, and the gentleness to be open to our grief, and let every scar that we Londoners must bear, be one day part of what will make us strong, and let us say, amen.
Dear all,
I am finding it really hard to find words for the attack last night – I have taken groups to the mosque on a number of occasions, and have always had the warmest welcome, and could sense a real spirit of openness, and an appreciation for diversity – this is a community who worked hard to re-build themselves after taking over the management from extremism.  It just breaks my heart to find these people targeted – I thought it might be helpful for you to see the Cardinal’s statement, too: http://catholicnews.org.uk/finsbury-park-attack-cardinal-190617.
With every good wish,
Katharina Smith-Müller
Interreligious Adviser to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales


Dear friends and neighbours in our city of Peterborough,

I am so saddened to hear of yet another terrorist attack, last night outside the Finsbury Park mosque, this time seemingly targeted against muslims knowing they would be gathered there for worship.

An attack against any part of the community is an attack against all of us. I condemn this use of violence. It is senseless and evil and a sign of ignorance, fear and hatred. It is not God’s will.

I was pleased to share an Iftar meal at the Jamia Ghousia mosque last evening and I know how much we all value the opportunity God has given us to live as neighbours and build a great community here in Peterborough.

May the God of peace and love keep us all safe and refresh us in this hot weather and final week of Ramadan.

Vicar, St Mark’s Church, Lincoln Road
and Chair, Community First Residents Association, Gladstone area



Dear all,
        our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the horrific
terrorist attack in the early hours of this morning at Finsbury Park
and with their families and all others involved.

The attack took place just outside Muslim Welfare House where, this
weekend, a Great Get Together event was held, like other GGT events,
“celebrating all that we hold in common”. That event has highlighted
the extensive work of those bodies to create positive links, as well as
the good relations that others locally have with them.

Where terrorism seeks to wear the face of religion, or where innocent
people connected to mosques or other places of worship are the subject
of hatred and attack because of perceived links to terrorism, we must
stand up for their safety and their right to live free from prejudice,
suspicion and hatred.

We must continue to stand together, support each other and work
together for the common good as an attack on one faith is an attack on
all faiths.

We close, as we began, with thoughts and prayers for those affected and
remember also all those killed, injured and bereaved in other recent

Jaspal Singh

Chair of Peterborough Inter-faith Council


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